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Training Page

What the Attendees are saying...

Mac and Joleen,

I wanted to take a minute to let you both know how much I appreciate your efforts on my behalf. What you both did for my practice by coming and working with our group in person and what you are doing for the profession, as a whole through Dentist Who Care is fantastic! I look forward to working with you both in the future.

R. Kevin McCarver, D.D.S. P.A.

"What a great seminar! I truly enjoyed every aspect of the program.

I love that you two showed us how to think like the consumer! Such an easy concept but one we never thought of or put to use. I love that we help the patient become "aware" they have a "choice" and they are "accountable" for their decisions. The "monkey is off my back." I think it is a wonderful idea to have I Hate Dentists! Book in the reception area and all treatment rooms to help the patient self-diagnose their own mouth. This falls back to "aware", "choice" and "accountability", how easy does this make our jobs in the dental office?

Next, I found that the book The Four Agreements, "Be Impeccable With Your Word, Don't Take Anything Personal, Don't Make Assumptions and Always Do Your Best", can be applied not only to the dental office but more importantly to my personal life. My first focus is "Always Do Your Best and Don't Make Assumptions!"

Departmentalizing, another great concept and you have a great visual with the houses. I have tried to do this in the past and have not had much success. The visual will help me lock the issue away and will allow me to go in the house but only when I am ready to go there.

The team has already implement some of these strategies and they are really working.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to come to our office and share theis invaluable information.

Markee Bucknam
Office Manager
Dr. Tony Feck

"In my years of dentistry I have attended several courses related to communication with the patient and how to relate to the patient, but I have to say, "The Art and Science of Communication is above and beyond the best seminar I have attended. It's a shame that not all Dental Practices have the opportunity to hear you both speak, all the energy you have is so important to get people motivated. I all Dental Practices were so fortunate to hear you the world would have a lot less people saying "I Hate Dentists!" Thank you so much for your time and experience."

Dr. Tony Feck

First, I want to thank you again for the time you spent with us. For me, this experience was eye-opening. I love the fact that you both feel as strongly as you do abut this topic, it shows every time you would 'tell it like it is.' Not only was this a learning tool for work but also for my personal life. I have already started practicing communication at home.

With this training, believe our practice will reach the stars and then some.

Lynn Wasson
Dr. Tony Feck

Both Dr. Mac Lee and Joleen Jackson did a very good job conveying the value and the importance of strong communication skills when working with patients. Their collective insight and experience as well as their strong educational skills were evident and appreciated throughout the weekend seminar. Helping our team focus on establishing a meaningful relationship with each of our dental patients will be an invaluable asset and critical for making our practice truly successful.

Dr. Jane Mays

Thank you so much for visiting our office. It was a wonderful experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to both of you. You were very interesting. I appreciated you involving us in your conversation, I feel like that is very important. It helps us learn and apply these concepts to ourselves. Personally one topic that I will be applying to all aspects of my life it departmentalizing. This is a simple concept, but somehow I have never been able to perform it. By explaining to us that we have to house our issues into houses, then only open them when we are ready to deal with them is phenomenal. I have already started doing this and it WORKS. The second concept that really hit home with me was "Don't Make Assumptions." I now understand that I do this without even realizing it. I am going to work on this. Also, I feel the axiom of human behavior will help me to help educate my patients and "put the monkey on their back." Most importantly, I love the thought of a patient care coordinator. I feel lke this will help our office with case acceptance and an overall positive experience for the patient. These are only a few of the concepts that I ma currently working on. I can't wait till I can do everything that you taught us. Overall, this was an awesome experience! You both are excellent speakers and entertainers. You have taught me so much. All of these concepts can be used at work and in my personl life and that makes this seminar twice as great. You have helped me to see things in a different light and that I have never thought of before. Thank you so much for you time and effort! I hope you enjoyed the Maker's Mark as much as I enjoyed your seminar. You two are a great team. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

Brandi Rankins, RDH, Patient Care Coordinator
Dr. Tony Feck

I really enjoyed the presentation given by Dr. Lee and Joleen Jackson this past weekend. I found it to be extremely helpful and interesting. As a new hygienist, I often feel unequipped with the correct verbiage to get my patients to understand and accept the recommended therapy. After reading the book, I Hate Dentists I feel like I attended a crash course in dentistry and can better explain dental conditions to patients. I feel more confident having a 3rd party validation for the patient to read for themselves right out of the book while waiting for the doctor. I agree fully with spending more time with a patient to better understand them as a person and appreciate their desires regarding their dental health and helping them to achieve those goals.

I really have enjoyed your seminar. It is refreshing and informative. This what we need t help us attract more patients to our office. If the trust and the value is there, the patient will feel at ease to go ahead with treatment. I also like the way you two put on the acting in the seminar. I was very pleasant and not boring like the other courses we've attended in the past. Talking to patient/s level is so important. I feel that if they can understand the problem, they would want to fix it. Wouldn't you? Thanks again for giving us so many fresh ideas. I hope we can incorporate what we have learned and put it into our daily lives.

Mia Seltsam, RDH
Dr. Tony Feck

I really enjoyed the two days we spent with the both of you. It was a great time that totally exceeded my expectations. On Monday, I had at least three situations that I used what I had learned. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us.

Anita Dennis
Dr. Tony Feck

First, let me say WOW, what a great two days! With your technique, I feel like the handcuffs have been taken off; it's a whole new ball game. The information that I received will help me professionally and personally. The next day I went home an read the Four Agreements. I gotta tell you, this came at the perfect time in my life, when I needed a positive outlook. I commend both of you on a job well done.

Sara Hart
Dr. Tony Feck

I really enjoyed the two day seminar we had with Mac and Joleen. I loved their positive energy. I thought it was great how they wouldn't let anyone get away with excuses. The information they gave us about communicating with our patients was right on. I already see a difference and it's only been a few days.

Kristin Hyatt
Dr. Tony Feck

Hi, Laurie!

Mac and Joleen were our guests last weekend for a two day Texas shootout! We put them up in a local resort, rented a meeting room for a couple of days and let them have at us. It was an event that changed the way we perceive our patients and ourselves. It is all about educating that patient to the point they want to have the needed dental services we provide.

I met Walter Hailey in the early 90's and after listening to him speak at a Boot Kamp collered him for a long walk through a local golf course asking questions for an hour and a half. The result was a course correction in my philosophy in the business of dentistry. It was life changing to say the least. Mac and Joleen were presenters at the Boot Kamp and although I lost contact with them for a few years seeing Mac's posts recently on the DOC forum prompted me to touch base with him and invite he and Joleen to northern Indiana for two days of Texas drawl and insight.

Here's what happened

1. Team members made commitments to me, the practice and themselves for what I could hold them accountable for.
2. Personal instruction on how to monitor team members and make sure they do what they promised
3. Leadership skills that helped me understand how the female mind works!!!??!!. This was the worth the price of the weekend! My gosh I have been blind to so much of this stuff!!
4. A system of communicating with patients that is easy to learn and very easy for patients to understand. We started using it Monday morning and the system works! It really works! It gets the monkey off your back to sell the service
5. They helped me set up a system that allows the women on my staff to see the new patients and emergencies which allows me to just keep on working at what I like to do best anyway: dentistry. It becomes their practice. I am blessed with intelligent, capable women who are ready and willing to help me provide the very best for our patients.
6. I really don't think Walter died: he just relocated to Joleen's body! She sized up me, my wife and the staff in a nanosecond. In doing so she helped us sort out some of the problems that had been around for a while
7. There are Fairy Tales and there are Texas Tales and now we know the difference! We really appreciated the fun of the two days and especially the hard honesty that shed light into blind spots in our practice and lives.
8. Caution: NEVER ask Joleen about her tattoo!
9. Spend the money to get them in your office. Monday through Thursday of this week the two women competing to be Patient Coordinator using honesty, truth and sincerity and the techniques taught in the seminar booked nearly $30,000 in dentistry. They listened.They did it. They made the difference. They educated our patients.

My numbers are similar to yours (105,000/mo), accept insurance, no ppo's, etc. We work 27 hours/week.Goal: 150,000/mo.

One other thing before closing: your staff must be involved. Make it a manditory weekend. Make it a fun time. Those that are on the same page with you will stay. Those that are not will leave and you will all be light years ahead of most of the offices in this country.

Hope this helps!

Stephen P Hunt, DDS