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Training Page

Are You Ready to Meet the Consumer?

Dr. Mac Lee and Joleen Jackson give a two day, customized, in house event. The seminar consists of a step-by-step PowerPoint Presentation combined with a detailed workbook. The workbook will act as a guide to implementation after the seminar. Post op training via phone is part of the training. Prior to coming to your office, there is an extensive phone interview with the doctor/owner to find out what they want as the end result. What makes our meeting unique is our 30+ years of experience in dentistry and, like no other, how to take that experience and get the consumer to want what they never knew they needed and walk out with a smile.


We have been around long enough to know that the most successful key in a dental office is for everyone to work together in harmony. Good teamwork is achieved by good leadership and clear protocols. Our goal is for each team member, which includes the doctor, to be responsible for their own actions personally and professionally. This increases team harmony and creates a more "consumer friendly" dental practice which is obviously more profitable. We all know that “Team Harmony” can be tricky.

Our information is frank and to the point. We do not skirt around issues such as the difference between male and female in the makeup of most dental offices. Joleen is a professional team member and can see and read the games being played. She will bring it all to light and be solutions oriented on each situation. Obviously, this can be very tricky to pull off but she is an expert at getting to the bottom of things quickly by using a combination of humor, emotion and logic.

Few team members have the opportunity to have human behavior training. We both have had extensive study in this area. The reason we have had personal training is because we needed to know what makes people do what they do and what makes them make the decisions they make. This goes for the team as well as the patient.


In my own practice and from many of the practices Joleen and I have trained, there is a daily, insidious reality that creates the following questions:

“How do I leverage my position?”

“How can I have more uninterrupted productive time?”

“I wish I had trained staff so I could feel that things were getting done and not have to worry about the practice:”

“I wish I had at least one dedicated team member”

“Where can I find good staff?”

“I just want to do the dentistry and not have to worry with explaining what needs to be done”

“Where do I find patients that can afford my dentistry?”

“I want to help the doctor but I don’t know exactly what to do.”

“I would help more but I seem to be the only staff member that does anything.”

“I feel the rules of the practice don’t apply to all staff members.”

“Why can’t things be consistent and predictable?”

“How can I just diagnose and formulate a treatment plan and have the team do all the tasks such as interviewing, educating, handling questions about insurance, money and scheduling?”

As you can see from the thoughts we have gathered above, the list can be endless. We have solutions to those daily hurdles that can move the practice to the next level of profitability.

When the practice has an “on board” team and doctor a new business model can be achieved. The new model answers many of the above problems by utilizing a team trained in patient communication. This system works with the new patient, the work in patient and the patient of record. This business model allows the doctor to spend most of his or her day working in the mouth instead of explaining the same procedures over and over again.

This is not a cookie cutter program. We modify it to fit your individual needs. It works with small, solo practices and with large practices with multiple doctors. Our communication information is based on relationship and education, not on sales techniques. You will not hear your team say nor will you feel that the information is manipulative in any fashion or form.

Our goal is for you to be financially and emotionally successful. We enjoy what we have provided for other practices and know we can deliver whatever you needs might be.

Feel free to email Mac or Joleen about this opportunity